Sunday, June 8, 2008

2nd Day of Nissa the Maiden, 390
Anlas of Phelim's Vigil

It hasn't stopped snowing all day, the roads of Crossing of covered in a disgustingly grey icey sludge and the guild was full of people who slipped and fell in ice patches and one terrible case of frost bite from a stubborn Tog who had refused to wear gloves. I spent most of the day attempting to forage things and cursing the vile snow the whole while.

When I took the ferry home to Leth, filled with groups of people huddled together in heavy cloaks and scarves, my opinion of the snow changed completely. Leth positively sparkles in the snow. Since most of the actual residents travel through the pathways in the trees the only thing that mared the pristine blanket of white was the shoe prints of travelers along the paths and the tracks of various woodland critters. The quiet as I entered the Rest of Ages for a cup of bergamot tea and a moment with my journal was so pure that you could almost -hear- the snow fall. The evening sun peeked out from the banks of clouds long enough make the snow covered branches shimmer. So different than Crossing, I should just stay home more often and save myself the stress.


Monday, June 2, 2008

I've struggled with making the first marks in this book because I foolishly made plans for it. I had originally intended chronicle my memories. I've lived a long while, and a great expanse still lay before me. I also have a habit of dwelling on memories that randomly enter my head as I go about my life and thought that writing them down would be pleasant. But I wasn't sure where to start ... I think perhaps a mix would be best. Snippets of my memories and thoughts as well as the mundane daily rambles I'm use to filling pages with. So let us begin with one of those rambles.

357 Dolefaren 390
Anlas of
Tamsine's Toil

I'm truly surprised with how much time I spend here that no one ever notices me. I'm currently hidden in the branches of a linden tree in the Willow Walk neighborhood of Crossing. I can see the walls of the Paladin guild glistening in the afternoon sun and faintly hear the bustle of my guild that peeks through the leaves. People walk under me all the time, some I know and most I don't, but not a one of them notices the Elf in the tree. Not that I mind.

It's very quiet here, the branches are thick and closely placed. My wayerd pyramid fits nicely in the crook of a nearby limb and hums away. I'm perfectly comfortable up here, skirts and all and when I'm too busy with work to spend the day among the trees of Leth sitting up here gives me a nice breather from the oppressive hustle of the city. I'm going to be sad when the first good winter storm rolls in and blows my cover of leaves off ... ah well.

Note~ remember to pick some flowers from this tree to make tea from when it blooms come spring. Also put away some of the leaves and fruits for treatment of headaches and restlessness.